The new European website goes online on 1st
of June 2021!
We have scaled up the number of participating cheesemakers from 3 countries to 17 countries across Europe!

1. Discover the variety of European cheese
FACEnetwork offers the possibility to discover farmhouse and artisanal cheeses in different regions with a wide variety of traditions.
• An opportunity to learn how artisan cheese is made
• You can learn about traditional dairy products

2. Visit farmhouse and artisan dairies
Do you enjoy traditional and artisanal food? Do you like animals and do you want to visit farms?
• Taste and experience artisan and farmhouse cheese
• Discover farms with their own products made from their own animals.
• Planning a vacation? Why not visit our farmhouse cheesemaker friends in
other countries?
There are lots of dates and locations to choose from. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about farmhouse dairy production from our European
neighbours. Farmhouse dairies have been building up associations to collaborate, exchange, consult, train etc. Together these organisations form a European
Network (FACEnetwork). Check out this website to find the contact details of farmhouse dairies from all these organisations and countries in one place.

3. Delicious dairy products and cheese in the kitchen
• From farm to fork
• Enjoyment knows no boundaries
Are you curious to explore the diversity of cheese taste? Do you want to discover the many uses of artisanal and traditional fresh milk, butter, cream, yoghurt and cheese in cooking and baking?
Are you a friend of good food and looking for artisanal and traditional products with their special tastes?
• New delicious recipes with farmhouse cheese and other dairy products from all over Europe in your language, every month
• Traditional and modern recipes from all regions in Europe.

Discover farmhouse cheese” offers the opportunity to taste the diverse quality of artisan and farmhouse cheeses and dairy products all over Europe.
Please find more things to learn, background information and event tips on the new website: