The topic of the proposal is to maintain, improve and re-establish soil health in vegetable
and field crops. The main target group are growers, advisers, trainers and specialised
journalists. The use of the following 4 best practices will be promoted:
– Use of compost and organic amendments
– Use of green manures / cover crops; including biofumigation
– Use of ASD (Anaerobic soil disinfestation)
– Use of (bio)solarisation
Combined with a sound crop rotation, the 4 best practices will be applied to maintain soil
health (compost/organic amendment and green manures/cover crops: preventively) and to
re-establish soil health (ASD and (bio)solarisation: curatively).
The knowledge transfer is based on 4 communication tools:
– Databases
– Videos
– Fact sheets
– „Roadshows“
Two databases will compile crucial information on hostplant x soilborne diseases
interactions: 1 on the hostplant x pathogen status and 1 on the hostplant x nematode status.
They will serve the practitioners (growers and advisers) for the planning of optimal crop
rotations and the most efficient use of green manures/cover crops. As they are directly
consulted by growers, they will be translated in 11 official languages of the EU,

The 20 videos are used to explain the concept of soil health and the 4 best practices to the practitioners. They are more easily understandable than written explanation in fact sheets. They will also be translated in the same EU languages as the databases. They will be optimized for mobile devices (smart phones, tablets).

The factsheets will compile more detailed information on the 4 methods for the advisers,
journalists, educators and researchers. They will also be translated in the same EU languages as the databases and videos.