Centre for Professional Training

Centre for Professional Training to FOA Bioselena is licensed for trainings in a profession "Farmer".

CPT offers trainings in Agro ecology and Organic Farming. Farmers who complete the course get a certification, which allows them to apply for financing from Government programs or different programs requiring such qualifications.

Agro ecology training course continues 18 hours and includes:

*National Agro ecological programme in Bulgaria

*Good agricultural practices 

*Farm accounting

*Agro ecological plan of the farm

This training course will help you to apply for compensatory payments in organic agriculture; breeding rare indigenous breeds or other agro ecological activities from the National Agro ecological Programme in Bulgaria 2007-2013.










Organic Farming training course continues 30 hours and includes:

*Organic legislation

*Basic methods and principals in Organic Agriculture

*Certifying the organic production


We are organizing specialized trainings with different subjects - growing specific crops or breeding specific animals by the methods of organic agriculture.

For more information: Please contact our office in Gabrovo, Nikolay Tihov – Director of CPT

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