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Consulting services for farmers

Consulting services for farmers

- General visit and farm’s evaluations - analyzing opportunities to start organic production

- Developing a business plan for the farm to apply for credit or improving the farm managing  

- Developing a transition plan for organic agriculture

- Preparing farms for certification

- Attending farms during inspections by the control body

- Technical consultations in farms for solving specific production problems (in plant-growing and animal husbandry)   

- Preparing farms to apply for state subsidies: providing whole consulting services for developing an Agroecological plan of the farm, filling up all forms and applications, setting the record up and accompanying farmers when they apply the documents and when they are visited by the control body

Our consultants are young and dynamic specialists in their fields with working experiences in Switzerland, Germany and France.

We have 14 years of experience in consulting organic farms and processing companies in Bulgaria.

You could place an order for consultations via call, E-mail or directly in our offices. We are offering a discount for longer lasting engagements.

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