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Project POPEYE – Promoting Organic Production – Enhancing Youth Employment

Project POPEYE – Promoting Organic Production – Enhancing Youth Employment

Under the Europe for Citizens programme, Sub-Action 4.4: Youth Support Systems – Projects encouraging innovation and quality.

Foundation for Organic Agriculture BIOSELENA is an official partner within POPEYE project together with seven other organizations from different countries.

Bioselena in collaboration with local authorities and local association of farmers will identify and contact organic farmers potentially willing to cooperate with the project.

Bioselena will identify and involve in the project 40 youngsters aged 15-25, living in its geographical area. These young people will participate in a 5-days’ educational event, consisting in a 2 days of seminar and 3 days of training on ICT and Digital mapping. The best 10 participants will contact the organic farmers of their geographical area and collect data about their geographical position, their features as producers and sellers as well as their characteristics as potential hosts of trainees.

The group of 10 participants will set up a “National” webpage bringing together all the information collected on the ground. The idea is all young Europeans interested in acquiring a professional experience in the field of organic farming to dispose of a concrete means of contact with farmers operating in the field.

The group of 10 participants will organize a local event for disseminating the project results within the local community and especially among young people.

The 10 participants will attend the final international event to be held in Strasburg, capital of Europe and important city of a country deeply involved in the system of organic farming to showcase the results obtained during the project. All partners will also showcase how organic agriculture and rural sustainable development are conceived in their countries.

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