01 March, 2017

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IFOAM: What should the new CAP look like?

IFOAM: What should the new CAP look like?

Forthcoming CAP reforms need to set in motion a new deal between farmers and citizens that strengthens the environmental and socio-economic performance of the European agri-food sector. To this end, successive reforms would move the CAP to a new model of farm payments based on agroecological outcomes.

This is stated in the position of IFOAM, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements – EU Group. Foundation for Organic Agriculture BIOSELENA is member of IFOAM.

Our long-term vision for the CAP envisages:

  • A public goods payment framework that incentivises and rewards farmers delivering a range of environmental and socio-economic services at farm level (100% EU financed);
  • Complementary supporting measures covering issues related to farm advice and extension services, supply chain development, infrastructural investments, innovation, organic farming payments, and promotional activities etc. (nationally co-financed);
  • A single pillar structure with one budget, fully orientated to promoting agroecological outcomes - with public goods payments representing 80% of the overall EU spending and supporting measures accounting for the remaining 20% by 2034.

Mainstreaming public money for public goods in the entire CAP architecture requires policymakers to make fundamental changes to re-orientate CAP spending towards a single pillar. This single pillar approach is therefore based on a flagship payment model that incentivises and rewards environmental and socio-economic services delivered at farm level, complimented by supporting measures (see figure 2). With Member States facing differing budgetary starting points, successive actions over the next 3 CAP reform cycles from 2021 to 2034 are needed:

2021: Immediate transfer of 50% of the existing Pillar 1 budget and 10% of the existing Pillar 2 budget to a new single budget for supporting public goods delivery 100% EU financed.

2021-2034: Setting of mandatory budgetary milestones at EU level for the transferring of the remaining CAP budget to the new single pillar system.

2034: Final implementation of the one pillar payment system with 80% of agricultural spending dedicated to public goods delivery and 20% for supporting measures.

See here the full text of the document

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