28 September, 07

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National Day of Organic Agriculture

National Day of Organic Agriculture

One of the aspects leading the developing of organic production is the increase of consumers’ knowledge and the increase of demand for organic products.

For that purpose Bioselena is organizing a National Day of Organic Agriculture. The feast traditionally is conducting outdoors in the middle of September and presents the organic products, produced in Bulgaria to the consumers. The feast is conducting each year since 2001 in the South Park in Sofia. Around 100 farmers and 12 processing companies are presenting their own organic food and products – fruits, vegetables, honey, jams, dairy products, herbs and teas.


Since 2003 the Ministry of Agriculture and Food is our strategic partner for organizing the feast and it is also co-financing the event.


The firs 7 years the feast was financed also by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation


Sponsors of the National Day of Organic Agriculture are supermarkets, producers and importers of organic food and certifying bodies.


The main targets are:

  • To increase the public interest to organic agriculture and organic products
  • To increase the dignity and self-confidence of the Bulgarian organic farmer


The feast has an opportunity to presents the organic agriculture to the general public as a production method, preserving the environment and the organic products as a high quality and healthy food.


Organic agriculture is a modern and up to date agricultural system, which is strictly forbidding the usage of chemical fertilizers and chemicals for plant protection, hormones for animals and genetically modified organism (GMO).


The visitors are actively participating in the feast by taking part in different competitions: rakiya testing, voting for “Miss cow”, voting for the most original packaging and the best presentation of organic product. There are demonstrations of traditional techniques for home-made cheese and rakiya, weaving of woolen articles, pottery-making, etc. There is also a children spot – an opportunity for the kids to colour clay animal figures. The cows participating in the competition “Miss cow” are milked in front of the public. A children dance group is entertaining the guests and a presenter of the feast is Mr. Uti Bachvarov – a popular TV presenter of the programme “Quick, Easy, Yummy”.


The interest to the Day of Organic Agriculture by citizens from Sofia is increasing each year. The last feast was visited by over 6000 visitors. Many national media and cable televisions are covering the event in the late news. The daily newspapers and specialized newspapers and magazines are covering the event with detailed articles and interviews and the specialized TV-programmes (Brazdi, Agro club, Agro business) are devoting part of their programmes to interviews from the feast.  


The National Day of Organic Agriculture is a registered trade mark of Foundation Bioselena.

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