Foundation for Organic Agriculture Bioselena is Bulgarian non-government organization. The Foundation was established in 1997 by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FIBL – Switzerland.

The main task of Bioselena is developing and supporting the sustainable and organic agriculture, biodiversity preservation and environment protection.

Our mission is to support the development of organic agriculture in Bulgaria by:

-          providing specialized services to organic farmers  

-          promoting organic products among consumes

-          participating in developing of a national legislation and measures, supporting organic agriculture


Our activities

-          Technical consultations and know-how transfer in organic farms

-          Preparing farms and processing factories for certification;

-          Consultations in planning and managing the farms (business plans);

-          Preparing documents to apply for direct payments (agroecological plans, transition plans, farm accounting, setting documents up);

 -          Our Centre for Professional Training is licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET) for trainings in Agroecology and Organic agriculture;

-          Issuing specialized literature;

-          With our partners we are developing and presenting to the Bulgarian market “model” organic products (yogurt, cheese, honey, fruits and vegetables)

-          In partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food we are organizing the National Day of Organic Agriculture – an annual event for promoting the organic products among Bulgarian consumers;

-          Expert participations in developing the National legislation (Regulation 22 and 35 of the MAFS; SAPARD Measure 1.3; National plan for development of organic farming in Bulgaria 2006 - 2013; National Agroecological Programme2007 - 2013)


Membership in other organizations

We are a regular member of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements IFOAM since 1998.

We are a co-founder of Association “Bioproduct BG”, created in 2004 with a main task to unite all efforts for development of organic market in Bulgaria.

Foundation Bioselena is a co-founder and a shareholder of “Balkan Biocert” LTD – the first Bulgarian body for certification and control in organic agriculture.

Bioselena Team


-          Dr. vet. Stoilko Apostolov – Manager

-          Eng.- agr. Petar Kirov – Consultant in plant-growing and farm management

-          Eng.-agr. Petya Pencheva – PR


-          Zooeng. Tencho Hristov – Manager Extension service

-          Eng.-agr. Nikolai Tihov – Consultant in plant-growing, Director CPT


-          Elisaveta Pandeva – Financial manager

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